PathFund revolves around the idea of recirculation and self-sustainability, thus, the taxes are as follows: 1% to Funding Wallet 3% for Reflections 5% to Liquidity Pool

The slippage used for trading should be between 10-12% at most.

PathFund was launched with a total supply of 1 Quadrillion tokens. However, 20% of the total supply, or 200 trillion tokens, was burned at launch as a result of a burn event. Thus, the total supply has been reduced to 800 trillion tokens. Since the burn wallet is one of the holder wallets, it is eligible to receive reflections from each transaction, just like the others. With this, PathFund can automatically burn tokens with every transaction on the chain in the form of reflections received in the burn wallet. Therefore, creating an Auto-Burn Mechanism.

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